Your Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

Your Furry Friend's Home Away from Home

Reserve your pet's sitter today!


Reserve your pet's sitter today!


My name is Mallory Blaine.  As a  native Nashvillian and lifelong pet lover, I would love to help you care  for your beloved, unconditional friend while you are away.  In other  words, I want to be your licensed and bonded Nashville Pet Sitter.

And just what is Nashville Pet Sitter you ask?  Well, it’s everything you expect it to be—And More.

As your Pet Sitter I will come into  Meeko’s environment, i.e. your home, and tend to her needs: Feeding,  Watering, Grooming, Changing Litter, Exercising, Administering  Medications and, perhaps, the most important need of all, Giving Love to  and Receiving Love from your pet while you are away.

With me as your Nashville Pet Sitter,  Ringo will continue his daily routine without uprooting him, changing  his diet or interrupting his security.  And should an emergency arise  Nashville Pet Sitter will contact you and transport Yo-Yo, per your  approval, to your trusted veterinary care provider and follow through  with your vet’s instructions until you return.

In addition to caring for your pet/pets, Nashville Pet Sitter will water  your plants, bring in your mail, collect your newspapers, and turn on  and off lights, creating a presence in your home, thus effectively  discouraging the dreaded burglary while you are out of town.

Of course no one can take your place—  try as I might.  Schmaltzy will leap for joy, do back flips dance and  prance and bowl you over with kisses when upon your return; but until  you do it helps to know that your pet’s in good and loving hands.

So rest easy, Nashville Pet Sitter is  happy to care for your pet and glad to receive from your pet just a  little bit of that love every animal lover knows so well—the love that  goes above and beyond, beneath and beside, to the end and back again.

  Thank God for pets. 

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